Hampshire Open Studios


HOS exists to organise the annual art trail event Hampshire Open studios (HOS)

- providing opportunities for professional and amateur artists to show their work

in diverse venues around the county and for residents and others in Hampshire. The group

is to provide a hub link, inspire each other and build a stronger local artist community.

HOS aims to promote artists, art classes, groups and clubs, catering for Hampshire people,

and to encourage more involvement in art, which may include demonstrations, talks

and workshops. HOS also wants to help attract more visitors to the county,

to help boost footfall and trade for independent artists, galleries and exhibition venues.


                                                                                                                         - From the Hampshire Open Studios website



Here at spudWORKS in Sway is one of the many locations within Hampshire that will provide our current artists an opportunity to showcase their work. 

You can look around and see how they work with the spaces that spudWORKS provides.



HOS will be running from the 21st - 30th of August 2021.