Hampshire Open Studios


HOS exists to organise the annual art trail event Hampshire Open studios (HOS)

- providing opportunities for professional and amateur artists to show their work

in diverse venues around the county and for residents and others in Hampshire. The group

is to provide a hub link, inspire each other and build a stronger local artist community.

HOS aims to promote artists, art classes, groups and clubs, catering for Hampshire people,

and to encourage more involvement in art, which may include demonstrations, talks

and workshops. HOS also wants to help attract more visitors to the county,

to help boost footfall and trade for independent artists, galleries and exhibition venues.


                                                                                                                        - From the Hampshire Open Studios website



Here at spudWORKS in Sway is one of the many locations within Hampshire that will provide our current artists in residence an opportunity to showcase their work. 

You can look around and see how they work with the spaces that spudWORKS provides.



HOS will be running from the 21st - 30th of August 2021. 

For more more information about HOS go to - https://www.hampshireopenstudios.org.uk


1. Exhibition: Artful Collective
4. Bob Parks - Artist
7. Chris Wilmott
2. Bridget Eastman - Artist
5. Stephanie James - Artist
3.Claudia Davies - Artist
6. Tom Hall - Artist
8. Anya Bliss

Artful Collective brings together a group show featuring contemporary craft and original artworks by professional artists and makers. 


Colourful mixed media paintings and sculptures by Jo Rose. 

Original etchings, collagraphs and artist cards by Sally Winter.

Ornate mixed media paintings by Caroline Hiron.

Graphite drawings, prints and cards by Elizabeth Hammond. 

Wood turning and furniture by Colin Norgate. 

Felt wall art, sketchbooks and accessories by Sarah Waters. 

Jewellery by members of ACJ Wessex: Georgina Ettridge, Dawn Gear, Kathryn Arbon, Sylvia Tomkinson, Jocelyn Tallis & Cathy McCarthy.


All works are for sale. Please visit www.artfulcollective.co.uk for details of artist demonstrations and workshops during the exhibition. 


Artful Collective’s curated online directory is a platform to discover quality art and craft made locally, showcasing the work of professional artists and makers across Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and Berkshire.


Hand woven or hand felted items made where possible from ethically and sustainably produced materials.


I make mainly scarves and a few bags, throws, cushions and wall hangings. I use either an 8 shaft table loom or my latest acquisition, a big 8 shaft Swedish floor loom, which I am still familiarizing myself with. 


My first weaving was as a little girl on a toy loom. I loved it. My granny gave me some old thread wound round an old magazine. It was bright turquoise, smooth and shiny. I liked feeling it run through my fingers. I was fascinated by the way the thread changed to fabric, still glossy and drapey and nice to touch. Much later I joined an evening class.

My childhood interest has continued with enjoyment of the texture of yarns: knobbly, smooth, stretchy, soft, hard, hairy, slippery...     

And I also enjoy the planning, preparation and  exploration of weave structures and techniques and the gradual growth of something beautiful with delicious colour combinations. 


Years ago I puzzled over how the threads did not get tangled. I was sure I would not be able to do it. But now I know that controlling all those long threads involves a straightforward methodical process.


I am happy to help people learn this method. Hand weaving demands concentration but is  slow, calm and peacefully absorbing.


I love welcoming visitors to my studio.


Come and meet me and my looms during Hampshire Open Studios and see what I make..

[photographs taken by Kevin Shot]


Central Saint Martins graduate specialising in industrial machine knitting. Focusing on producing sustainably handcrafted ethical products for sensitive skin and supporting rest and relaxation.


Premium quality Italian yarns are carefully and considerately sourced and each piece is made to order to customers specific wants and needs, ensuring a slow pace of conscious making, low waste and minimal impact.


Studio Knoga is the brand name she works under and its ethos is as kind to your skin as the planet. 





Bob Parks is a truly extraordinary figure in the Arts today. 


He has explored and experimented with many different media - from painting to performance and music to installation. Yet his core-aim is highly conceptual: to move through all these media and beyond them, into both purely abstract realms. Drawing on a myriad of appropriated influences, from Collingwood and Cezanne, to Moreau and Malevich; then on to the High Modernists, and Post-Modernists.


He also posits 'Himself' as his 'Subject', but not in an egoistical sense; rather a spiritual and communistic sense, in which he conjoins his own original thinking with many different traditions and movements, from Gospel Christianity and Voodoo, to 'Object-Oriented Ontology


My practice is based in fine art sculpture and I have started to make ornamental jewellery-like pieces in non-ferrous metals that are more or less unwearable in any practical sense.


I’m interested in exploring the ‘body as a site’ for presentation of objects that reflect the environment in which they inhabit. My current exploration focuses on animals and plants in the New Forest and the ethnobiology that it encompasses.


The Forest is inspiringly barren and threatening; gorse prevents easy movement, horses and ponies set off in sudden bursts stopping walkers and traffic without care. The seedlings, fungi, flowers, thorns and wild-life take on bodily forms that I bring into my pieces as sharing features.


Tom Hall (b. 1971 UK) is an artist/maker and educator working out of The New Forest, Hampshire, where he recently moved to from Tallahassee, Florida. His work is often big and theatrical, immersive installations that celebrate low status materials and a history of craft and making.


Works slip between reconstructions of imagined historic spaces, retold cultural narratives and personal events, reflecting an uncertainty of truth and lineage through an amalgam of remembered incidents, such as drawn portraits of a family group of mythical giants crossing the Mexican US border. They are immediately engaging, involving you through scale and production. However, there is something disturbing underneath. Most work balances between the uncertainties of the future and a historical past. More lately he has looked at the political concern of the migrant ‘other’ through his position of guilt and white male privilege. He has begun to identify as an immigrant to align himself with this group and to provoke reaction in others. He questioned closely the frailties of adoptive fatherhood and trauma as he tries to relate to his interracial family and is currently searching for differing forms of language to articulate from. To find out more please visit www.tomhall-artist.com


As an educator Tom have focused on BA/BFA and MA/MFA both in Europe and US. He enjoys the provocative roll of agitator and focuses strongly on student centred learning where he have had much success teaching on many important university programs. He run general workshops in art around or along-side exhibitions, and more specifically in Prep for BA, portfolio building, casting/mould making and mask making, one-to-one or group. To find out more of what he could offer to you please email tom@tomhall-artist.com


Tom Hall graduated from the Wimbledon School of Art in 1994 with a degree in sculpture and subsequently completed an MA at the Royal College of Art in 1998. His work has been since 1994, including exhibitions at the Venice Biennale, Dowd Gallery and Schweinfurth Art Center NY, Trinity Buoy Wharf London, Rennes arts festival, France and artSOUTH.


I paint frolicking fish. I make collections for stairwells, board rooms and dining rooms. My painting surfaces explore colour and the timeless qualities of pleasing aesthetics, beauty and harmony.

I place value on quality materials, craftsmanship and new approaches to customised interior design. Bringing indoors art about oceans, rising sea levels, changing climate and the impact of nature on personal lives; for contemplation, empathy and thinking about contemporary drivers of culture.


To which end also I collaborate with Swiss poet Robert Fred and in science & art initiatives. I am a board member of Climanosco,  a fellow of the Royal Society and I support the UNESCO Decade of the Oceans 2021-30.


At SpudWORKS, I am one of the recent graduates occupying one of the three desk spaces provided as part of the Graduate Launch Pad sponsored by Utilita. From May 2021 until May 2022, I will have the space here to work on my creative practice, collaborate with fellow artists at SpudWORKS and members of the Launch Pad, and enjoy the beautiful, peaceful, and inspiring environment of Sway.


Having the space to focus solely on my practice, surrounded by other creatives, allows me to produce works I have previously only thought about. So far, I am fixated on developing new textiles pieces influenced by nature. I am also planning on working collaboratively to skill share with Bridget, who makes wonderful pieces on her looms. I am currently exploring natural dyes.


While part of the Graduate Launch Pad, I also hope to create a collaborative outcome with one of the other recent graduates. Towards the end of my year here, we will have an exhibition in the SpudWORKS gallery space where I will either showcase an idea and the creative process, a collaborative piece, or a new artwork.


In my artistic practice, I like to produce works that invoke different conversations surrounding social, political, and economic issues or situations. I like to raise awareness and get people talking about subjects they might not usually talk about or simply ignore. Contemporary Art, and the gallery setting, function like a ‘safe space’ for these difficult areas to be raised and the imagery and symbolism of artwork means the pieces are portrayed in a way that transcends words, becoming more ‘user-friendly’.