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spudFILM 2020 is running its second consecutive Film Competition titled: Cleanse

The theme for the film competition will be about all forms and interpretations of Cleansing. 

We will be looking for the most attention grabbing and creative films. We will focus on the strength of the ideas and how they are conveyed through thought provoking and engaging storytelling.

Visit www.spud.org.uk/spudfilm for more info.


Anyone with a passion for film and who has a creative imagination!

The competition will offer 4 main award categories: 

- Youth (17 years and under)

- Adult  (18 years and over)

- Best Smartphone Film

- Best Local Film (50 mile radius from spudWORKS)

There will also be 1 People's Choice Award selected from the combined categories.

Film entries can be created by solo filmmakers or by a group, the choice is yours.

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