FREE ENTRY - OPEN 17th December - 24th January

“A Thoughtful Pavilion for Foxbury”

A collaboration between Arts University Bournemouth, National Trust, SPUD, and Caukin.

This project brings together a series of study models of ground, wall, frame and canopy by first year students of architecture at AUB to create a ‘gathering pavilion’ to speculate on the expressive potential of the elements of architecture. Often architecture is seen as following from use. In an alternative view, architecture creates the opportunity for various uses to inhabit places in particular ways. This invitation to inhabit is created through the disposition of the basic elements of building (the tectonic elements of architecture); ground, wall, frame, and canopy.

The objective of the project is to propose a thoughtful gathering place for individual or group recreation at Foxbury, a National Trust site in the New Forest; a shelter for learning, contemplation, or play. The pavilion will be used regularly by the Forest School at Foxbury or as part of the commemorative woodland. There will be group walks into the surrounding landscape (including forest bathing and nature therapy), times for conversation, and a place to eat a picnic lunch together, but also provide for individual reflection. When not in use for events the pavilion becomes a place for children to play, explore and discover nature.

Following the exhibition ideas for a pavilion will be developed for possible construction with Caukin Studio, a humanitarian architecture collective.

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