SPUD is going GREEN

At spudWORKS we have been busy making lots of changes to try and reduce not only our impact on the environment, but actually save money doing it!

A focus on the environment not only supports SPUD's moral objectives—it also contributes to the urgent action needed to combat global climate change and other environmental challenges. We have been busy making changes throughout 2019 in preparation to “Go Green for 2020”.

At spudWORKS we encourage our colleagues, tenants and artists to take part in our environmental sustainability efforts, while placing recycling bins in every room along with posters to explain what we can and cannot recycle in the area - thus making it very easy for tenants, who are renting desks or other spaces from us, to recycle.

Not only have we changed to a washing up liquids and hand soaps with no environmentally damaging chemicals. We buy this in a large container and then refill our dispenser bottles to reduce plastic waste.

Similarly we have changed printers to a refillable printer that eliminates the need to keep throwing away empty ink cartridges! Even our hand towels and toilet paper is recycled. Not only do we get to feel good about doing this but every single change we've made is actually saving us money too!

We want to celebrate the changes we've made and want to share with you just how easy it can be to start Going Green!!