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3SWIM Exhibition


Sam Lewis

Imogen Lewis

Alexandra Martin 

3SWIM are a creative collective of three women who discovered the wild call of cold-water swimming as a way of self-care. This became an important opportunity to release and process feelings whilst staying connected to themselves and the natural world. 

Alexandra, Imo and Sam have swum together (and separately) for the past 18 months, documenting their emotional response through photography, art and creative writing. 


They swim all year round; for themselves and for others, through sickness and health, in those dark moments when clarity is what is needed or to just face those monsters of the deep that can’t be seen. Just feeling the cold glassy transparency of the water can get you close to the truth of who you are.


This exhibition is a celebration of those moments, it is art made in response to that tidal force and the fluid push pull of the current. The emphasis of the exhibition will hopefully inspire & evoke conversations around our emotional health & wellbeing, to think about self-care and our connections within the natural world - whether it is in the ocean, a quiet walk in the woods, climbing up a mountain or being with the creatures.  

3rd - 23rd September 2021

New Forest Plein Air

Penny Lamprell BA(Hons)

I am a graduate of Camberwell Art College and have lived in Lymington for the past twenty years. I am out most days in the forest, usually around Setley and am very familiar with the wildlife and landscape. The forest never fails to inspire me each day, whatever the weather. I take a sketchbook out with me when walking to get ideas for longer plein air sessions.  I work quickly outdoors as I love the immediacy and intimacy of working in the elements. I may then work on a few details later in the studio but for me the only way to get the feel of a particular tree or viewpoint- the tones, colours, depth and light - is to be there on the spot. Working en plein air is, however, not for the faint hearted and I may occasionally have to make way for angry looking bovines.

Plein Air Exhibition by artist Penny Lamprell

1st - 29th June 2021

Nothing ‘is’ Immediate

Tony Spencer and Terence Noble

Tony Spencer’s platonic sculptures are based on shapes commonly found in nature, but ones that are generally hidden from human perception. The three symmetrical forms presented in the exhibition represent the elements water, fire and air. Each sculpture is made from reclaimed pallet wood, with interiors of contrasting material, colour and textures that evoke a sense of cosiness or wonder. Therapeutic sounds are activated by the viewer’s movement within the gallery space, adding a sensorial audio experience.


Terence Noble's "Placebo Paintings" draw upon colours and rhythms found in nature. Sunrises and tree growth rings combine and emanate from a perfect circle. Meditatively laid down in small dots, the paintings provide the viewer with a similarly contemplative and affirming experience. 


The exhibition invites the audience into a space of sensory exploration and contemplation of our relationship with the tangible and sacred aspects of nature.








Supported by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

3rd - 25th July 2021

Artful Collective

Part of Hampshire Open Studios Programme

Artful Collective brings together a group show featuring contemporary craft and original artworks by professional artists and makers. 


  • Colourful mixed media paintings and sculptures by Jo Rose. 

  • Original etchings, collagraphs and artist cards by Sally Winter.

  • Ornate mixed media paintings by Caroline Hiron.

  • Graphite drawings, prints and cards by Elizabeth Hammond. 

  • Wood turning and furniture by Colin Norgate. 

  • Felt wall art, sketchbooks and accessories by Sarah Waters. 

  • Jewellery by members of ACJ Wessex: Georgina Ettridge, Dawn Gear, Kathryn Arbon, Sylvia Tomkinson, Jocelyn Tallis & Cathy McCarthy.


All works are for sale. Please visit for details of artist demonstrations and workshops during the exhibition. 


Artful Collective’s curated online directory is a platform to discover quality art and craft made locally, showcasing the work of professional artists and makers across Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and Berkshire.

21st - 30th August 2021

On The Forest
A Graduate Collaboration

SPUD Graduate Launchpad Artists 2020

  • Denise Poote

  • Clare Dickson

  • Maddison Collymore

As recent Fine Art graduates sharing the Launch Pad space at spudWorks, this exhibition will show our individual and speculative art practices through a process of collaborative curation.

Working in this space encompassed by the New Forest, post academia, we have been able to access and propagate experimental location-based and embodied practice, exploring and nurturing new ideas. Through physical mapping, recording and reflection, this work makes connections through an open curiosity with the natural world.

2nd - 13th November 2021