Artist Out of Residence: Jonathan Oldfield

Recipe callout! 


We need YOUR recipes! What food has been getting you through the lockdown? What’s your quick fix dinner? Have you got a family recipe that has been passed down through the years? The Lockdown Cookbook needs you!

What is the lockdown cookbook?


In the midst of the mayhem of the last few months, I was reminded of my great grandmother’s cookbook, which she hand wrote before, during, and after the Second World War, and sits on the bookshelves of my parents’ house. Gladys Mabel Beard began her recipe collection almost 90 years ago. The book is filled with found recipes from friends, from magazines, the wireless, her mother and even one person she met whilst in hospital. It’s a time capsule of a nation stuck indoors, with minimal supermarket options, and the stories of the food they ate. As we find ourselves apart from each other, and scrambling for eggs and flour in the shops, I want to collect and collate the lockdown recipes of today, as well as inspire a new generation of cooks. Creating new stories with old favourites. The final recipe book will be available for all of Sway and the New Forest at spudWORKS to use, and continue to build, once the Artist Residency has finished.


The title “Using Dried Eggs” comes from a scribbled note found in a recipe dated the 16th August 1942, as wartime rationing forced necessary alterations to Gladys’ culinary experiments. Whether you’re 8 or 98, I’m interested in collecting your favourite foods, not just as a time capsule, but as an opportunity to come together and connect with others. Either digitally, or via handwritten communication I can’t wait to explore the recipes and stories of Sway and the New Forest.


How can I get involved?

There are two ways you can be a part of this project; sending us a recipe, or cooking someone else’s recipe (or both!).


  1. Send us a recipe! This can be any recipe you love, whether it’s yours or from another kitchen. From beans on toast to a full three course meal, even if you don’t consider yourself a chef, we want to hear it! You can hand write it and mail it to us, email us, or talk us through it on the phone. (We’d love to have as many handwritten recipes as we can). Feel free to tell us why it matters to you, or where you got it from.


  1. Cook a recipe! We’re looking for people to breathe new stories into the recipes of Sway and document their experience. Whether you’re a family of seven or live alone, we want to get the community communicating through cooking. Let us know your dietary requirements and we’ll send you a handwritten recipe. Don’t forget to join our Facebook group to see what others are cooking, ask questions and share your experiences.



Handwritten recipes can be sent to: 

Jonathan Oldfield
133a Rye Lane


Emailed recipes can be sent to:


Or phone:


01590 473 004


To be sent a recipe to cook, email or phone us to register your interest!

The boring bit: Please note due to GDPR that we will only include your first name in the cookbook (or it can be anonymous if you like!). By providing your phone number/email/address, you are giving us permission to keep it until the end of the project, and we will only contact you about matters directly related to spudWORKS Lockdown Cookbook project which ends 28th August 2020. We will not store any of your information after this point. We also won’t pass your information onto anyone else. For more info on GDPR:

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