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Art Clubs & Creative Workshops

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Please Note: Some months have 4 sessions and some months only have 2 sessions. This averages out over a full year at 3 sessions per month.

How to apply for a free place:


  • Contact to make an enquiry

  • Be in receipt of free school meals or Pupil Premium 

After we have received an email from you, Tom will be able to check our availability. He will get back to you swiftly, hopefully with good news and ask you to complete a registration form!

Please do not complete a registration form unless you have been asked to do so via email. Otherwise we cannot accept the Registration Form. 

These places are limited and are provided free of charge thanks to support from HIWCF


We will PAUSE all active memberships at the end of JULY so you will not be charged a monthly fee in August. 

See below for schedules and age groups

Get Your Membership!

Schedules and Age Groups


KIDS ART CLUB Ages 6 to 10

Group 1: Saturdays 10:00-12:00

Group 2: Saturdays 13:00-15:00


TEENS ART CLUB Ages 12 to 16

Tuesdays 17:30 -19:30


Wednesdays 17:30 -19:30


Every other Thursday 17:30 -19:00

These activities will not be running during half term holidays. Please see the calendar below.

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Art Club Registration Anchor
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