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At SPUD we like to consider how we live and grow in our varied communities.  Much of what SPUD does is to ask you questions on how we all relate to current matters and invite you to discuss them. Taking inspiration from our sense of place amongst the National Park and our surrounding conurbations, we want to encourage a range of views and artistic responses that question how we see our technological futures.


This year’s spudOPEN theme is Digital Dreaming.  However much we might feel the need to hold onto a version of the past, the future is happening to us now.  It is hard to keep up with the constant social change that technology offers us.  As soon as we get settled with ideas like GPS, digital photography, intelligent materials, and social media postings in our day to day,  we are then asked to integrate bigger, and perhaps more significant ideas into our lives. Artificial intelligence, cyber-hybrids and the digital human all propose change to our landscape and homes and how we live and interact.


For this year’s spudOPEN we want to put the question of how you might see our technological futures? How might it change us, our communities and our landscape in and around the New Forest National Park? Do we need to look back to think forwards? Does technology allow us to consider our world in a new light? Are we going to at last become whole with our surrounding and truly plugged into our ecology? From the smallest thought to a brave new world, what do you imagine it might hold?

As ever we encourage you to think widely and personally about this. We want to encourage a range of views and artistic responses. We welcome a wide interpretation of the theme as it builds dialogue and discussion about these ideas that inevitably hold significance to us.  We are keen to see new work created that fits the theme of this years exhibition.


Submitted work can be in any medium (Painting, Textiles, Photography, Print, Text based work, Jewellery, Video, Sculpture, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Poems, illustrations etc.) There is a size limit for each work - maximum scale 100cm x 100cm x 100cm. Work exceeding this will be sadly rejected. 

Applications are to be made online and the panel will be making its selection digitally. The selection Panel this year is:

  • Caroline Rackham from the New Forest National Park Authority

  • Kealy Whenray – Creative and Cultural Development Officer NFDC

  • Isil Campanella - Ceramicist and spudARTIST

  • Melanie Rose - Artist

  • Inigo Ormerod – SPUD Youth Ambassador

Successful applications will be included in a group show to be held in our celebrated gallery over December/January, with a gala public opening and the opportunity to win ‘Best in Show’ with a prize of £500.  A junior prize (£100) for young people up to (and including) 18 years of age and the very popular ‘Public Choice award’ (£100) will also be given. This is all made possible by out sponsor again this year, The New Forest National Park Authority.

  • You can make up to three applications using the form below - please do not email submissions. 

  • Deadline for us to receive your applications is October 1st at Midnight. 

  • A successful application will be notified via email by Friday 27th Oct.  If you have not heard by this date, then you can assume that you have not been successful on this occasion.

  • Successful applicants will need to drop off or send work to arrive at SPUD between 20th - 21st Nov 2023 (10am-4pm) and collect it between 16th - 17th January 2023 (10am-4pm).  


No one is rejected from our Open, we just can’t select everyone. Even if you do not make it into the final exhibition, you have been an important part of defining the discussions and emerging themes of the show, and your work has been seen by an important art panel. We do want you to feel that all can enter and be part of the SPUD family.

To enter please follow the instructions carefully:

  • Complete contact details

  • Complete title of work, size of work (ensuring it is no larger than ? x? x?) and primary materials e.g. acrylic on canvas

  • Fill out upto 100 word description of the piece of work being submitted.  Include a suggested price if you would like the work to be for sale if selected for the exhibition (SPUD commission is 40%).  Leave blank if not.

  • Upload an image of the work - this can be a .pdf/.png/.jpg/.mp4 - with the maximum file size of 15mb

  • Alternatively you can use the URL box to submit a link to a video file, including YouTube, Vimeo etc.

  • Click go to Checkout, where you will be requested to pay the entry fee of £10 per entry for adults and £5 per entry for under 18s.  Entry charge is per piece of work maximum 3 pieces of work.  Any entries not paid for will be rejected.

spudOPEN 2023 - Enter Here
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Opening Celebration Night of spudOPEN 2022

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