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Is there a particular place In the New Forest that sparks your imagination, brings to mind a story (real or fiction), an event, somewhere you hold close to your heart? A place that you return to often, in thought or in person; that you take with you in your imagination wherever you go? If so, do get in touch, as we are creating (with artist Simon Ryder) the New Forest Imaginarium: an immersive 3D world to be shown at spudWorks, Sway, this autumn, shaped by how the Forest appears in the imaginations of those who value it.

The Imaginarium is a creative leap of hope and imagination in these challenging times: an inclusive landscape of the imagination and a way of articulating why the Forest is so important now and into the future. It will take the focus that lockdown has offered us to reconsider what we value most deeply in this world, and build upon it. A blueprint for the future.

You can help shape this unique landscape through your words, written or spoken, and by identifying a particular place in the Forest the inspires you, whether that is woodland, heath, coastline, wetland or built landscape. 

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Find more information about the New Forest Imaginarium on Instagram at: @newforestimaginarium