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Submissions are now closed

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Exhibition Proposals(Deadline for all applications - 28th April 2024. The next call will start in January 2025.)

Please use the upload form below to send us your expressions of interest

“The creative process forms a platform for us to connect with individuals and communities. Foregrounding the artists voice to engage in public conversation around meaningful and relevant questions. Even small creative acts can resonate and make a difference.  SPUD acts as a platform to represent different voices and recognise the significance of artists and crafts people in shifting perspectives and promoting meaningful engagement. All are welcome here”.


The gallery at SPUDWORKS is looking for exciting exhibition proposals that will engage the public in relevant discussions and offer some high-quality social engagement with our local communities and the wider New Forest. Artists and crafts people are asked to consider ways their work and ideas open-up these conversations with a range of different people.


Exhibition Options:

Option 1

This is a funded show covering gallery costs.  Primarily by invitation only and often aligned with SPUD’s programme of outreach.  Planning for these shows is likely to be undertaken 1-2 years in advance.

A month-long exhibition that looks to platform innovative contemporary work that might involve our communities directly or indirectly. We offer curatorial support in developing ideas and possibilities. You do not have to be a regularly exhibiting artist to apply. As part of these exhibitions, we ask you to consider some sort of social engagement through artists talks and practical workshops. We encourage collaborations and inclusive thinking. We do not favour any art form over another.


Option 2 

This is a subsidised show with a £200 artist contribution to gallery costs per week.  These shows can often be arranged at shorter notice depending on availability of weeks – normally there are up to 4 slots per year. 

An ‘Experimental Exhibition’ is a public exhibition or project that take some risk or breaks new artistic ground, or new collaborations. We want to encourage new possibilities and new audience. 

Public engagement and outreach is not an essential part of these shows, but we do encourage artists to consider the potential for this.

Work cannot be for sale during Experimental Exhibitions.

Option 3

This is a fully self-funded show covering gallery costs of £500/week. Planning for these shows is likely to be undertaken 1-2 years in advance. As with all our shows we actively encourage artists to consider the potential for public engagement and outreach (although not essential). 


Work in self-funded shows can be displayed for sale and SPUD will take a 40% commission on all sale prices.


SPUD’s current priorities for outreach work include (but are not limited to):

  • LGBTQ+

  • People and their families/carers living with dementia

  • Young People

  • Older People and loneliness

Applications may be held for future funded opportunities. 

Please use the form below to submit your contact details, up to 3 pictures of your work and/or link to a video and a link to your website (if you have one).  Select which exhibition option you would like to be considered for.  Please remember that this is a rolling process and that planning for the gallery space is often 1-2 years ahead.  Proposals will be reviewed by an exhibition panel at regular meetings.

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