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Who Are We?


Team Members

Mark Drury FRSA - Director / Co-founder

Tom Sofikitis - Operations Manager

Seth Horton - Kickstart Apprentice

Phil Smith - Project Associate / Co-founder

Janet Mein - Project Associate 

Alex Hoare - Project Associate 


Jo Bushnell 

Tom Greenwood

Victoria Pirie - Chair

Collette Raine

Alison Ward

Paul Clegg

Matthew Lawson

Max Markby-Brans - Youth Trustee

Maddison Collymore

enabling the well-being of communities
through collaboration
in arts, architecture
and education

SPUD is an arts and education charity that creates opportunities for artists to engage with the public, architecture, urban design and the environment, producing new work as a catalyst for exploration, debate and public understanding. 

Following a merger with the ArtSway charitable Trust in 2018, SPUD took over responsibility for the former ArtSway building to create spudWORKS. This has created a newly refurbished creative hub, with a community workshop space, gallery, artists studios and a wide range of creative businesses renting desk and office space. 

What We Do

SPUD is a world leader in developing collaborations involving art, architecture and education. Our projects have received multiple awards and global media coverage.

SPUD is committed to promoting quality design and increasing engagement for people of all ages in understanding and influencing the nature and quality of the places where they live.

SPUD has delivered major projects like the Exbury Egg and The Observatory and the Handlebar Cafe forging new partnerships across the creative and cultural sector.

We deliver projects with people from all age groups, backgrounds and abilities - often bringing groups together who may not normally collaborate. This approach adds to the vibrancy and creativity of the work we do.  

We can bring a wide range of experience and knowledge to projects involving education, training, consultation, strategy and advocacy, across the disciplines of the arts, architecture, urban design and placemaking.

SPUD has delivered projects nationally and internationally.  

We believe strongly in collaboration and adopt an open door policy to new ideas and partnerships.

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