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Team Members

Mark Drury FRSA - Director / Co-founder

Tom Sofikitis - Operations Manager

Phil Smith - Project Associate / Co-founder

Janet Mein - Project Associate 

Alex Hoare - Project Associate

Tom Hall - Project Associate


Victoria Pirie - Chair


Mia Delve

Collette Raine

Alison Ward

Paul Clegg

Channa Vithana

Matthew Lawson

Maddison Collymore

Inigo Ormeroid - Youth Ambassador 

enabling the well-being of communities
through collaboration
in arts, architecture
and education

Who are we?

SPUD is an arts and education charity that creates opportunities for people to engage with art, architecture, design and the environment, producing new work as a catalyst for exploration, debate and public understanding. 


Our purpose is: “Enabling the well-being of communities through collaboration in arts, architecture and education.”


Who are we here for?

People and communities, including:

  • Young people looking to be involved in their community through a range of creative opportunities.

  • People of all ages through participation in creative activities.

  • Artists and other creative professionals through collaboration, professional development and business opportunity. 


We work in and around the New Forest as well as regionally, nationally and internationally.


What difference are we looking to make?

  • To foster people’s sense of community, connection and well-being. 

  • To support people’s creative skills development, knowledge and understanding. 


How do we do this?

We work at the intersection of art, architecture and design with a focus on people, place and community. 


We seek to support well-being, health and the environment as part of contributing to sustainable communities and places.


We support people to take the lead in creative work, so that it is their ideas, their voice and aspirations that are realised.


Through developing skills and aspiration we contribute to improving equality, diversity and inclusion in art and architecture. So that access to creative skills development and careers is not exclusive.


We bring our energy, enthusiasm and a belief in collaboration to the work we undertake.


We share our knowledge and resources with a wider audience through collaborative learning and programmes nationally and internationally.


Our Strategic Aims.


We aim to:


  1. Deliver collaborative, creative projects where the community take the lead.

  2. Provide space, support and opportunities for artists and other creative professionals to develop their practice and business opportunities. 

  3. Develop projects focusing on place, environment and well-being

  4. Have a self-funded core business generating income, which along with grants support research, development and projects.

Adopted September 2021

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