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Proudly Present:

Social Distancing Design Challenge - unleashing the creativity of our young people


11-15 Age Group - Ashvin Solayappan (Rotherham)

16 -18 Age Group - Noah Pearce (Brockenhurst, New Forest)

18 -26 Age Group - Naomi Grice (Ipswich)

Congratulations to the 3 winners and well-done everyone on taking part.  The judges really enjoyed looking through all the great ideas!

The winners are

The Winning Ideas:



Ashvin Solayappan - Aged 12 from Rotherham

The human traffic monitoring system is ideal for supermarkets and retail shops. The system will grasp the layout of the wide space(shop) and segregate the shop into sections. It will calculate the area of each section and divides it by 2 metres, this allows the system to predict the number of people permissible in each sector.


A deeper look into the technical side

There will be a wide range sensor with a LED light at the beginning and end of every sector. There will be 2 lights, red and green. The red light means you cannot go into the sector because there are too many people. The green light means you can go into the sector. These kits are intelligent because they continuously exchange data with each other and the unit at the entrance of the shops. This system allows the management of traffic in a store at any given time.



Noah Pearce - Aged 17 from Brockenhurst, New Forest

I have designed an outdoor seat to be attached to any existing bench in order to allow people to use it together whilst still following social distancing advice. As benches are roughly two metres wide only one person or household group can use them at once. My solution allows people from different households to meet up and keep two metres apart. Any existing bench can be adapted, whether in a park, on a footpath or in a hospital or care home setting.

The seat itself will be made from wood on a metal frame, with a wooden supporting leg. The attachment will have a metal frame and metal plates, and this will be topped with a wooden plank so that it doesn’t look out of place on the bench. I see each seat costing around £50 for materials and manufacturing. My idea will allow family members, young and old, to meet up again comfortably without worrying about where they’re going to sit if they go out on a walk, as benches are accessible for the young and the old. 

Socail Distancing Design Challenge.jpg


Naomi Grice - Aged 19 from Ipswich

My idea is a two way chair that allows people to see each other, while still being protected in a post COVID-19 world.  It consists of two half sphere chairs looking diagonally at each other with a glass screen between them.  I've also factored in space for wheelchair users to enjoy the space as well.  there is a table area on each side that can be used for a number of activities with further development.  These could include innovative games that can be played with the glass screen inbetween, or TV screens built in to allow for watching. movie simultaneously.


My vision is that it would be used in hospitals and care homes, for friends and family to visit their loved ones.  the difference that it would make in my community would be that it would be protecting my mum and many of her colleagues. 

Polypropylene plastic would be used for the main construction as it comes in many colours and can be easily shaped.  This would then be covered in a specialist material that inhibits bacterial and micro-organism growth, 

The Competition:

Are you aged between 11 and 26? Are you a creative, lateral thinker who loves coming up with new ideas? If so, our new challenge is for you!


We are looking for proactive young people to create unique and innovative ideas that follow new social distancing rules so that young and old can meet safely in a post COVID-19 world.


Perhaps it is a play structure, a two-way chair or even an exciting game? Wherever your inventiveness takes you, this is your chance to create something new and imaginative that could genuinely make a difference to the people involved and to your local community.


And through this open-innovation challenge, we can help you turn your idea into reality.


Winners may get to work with industry experts, mentors and potentially even manufacturers and investors to get their idea into the marketplace, gaining invaluable experience as well as a £250 cash prize!


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