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Sway meets Tokyo!

spudYOUTH’s new cultural exchange programme

The award-winning spudYOUTH programme is teaming up with Daikanyama Teens in Tokyo to deliver an exciting architecture and design project. spudYOUTH participants will be able to develop new design skills, try out architectural model-making and learn more about Japanese culture.  Some of the participants will also get the opportunity to go to Tokyo next during 2022.

Workshops are running from late May 2021 until February 2022 and will include some Saturday morning Zoom calls with the team in Tokyo. 


What's been happening...

Over the last few months students in Sway and in Tokyo have been redesigning their own arts centres.  they've been given complete freedom to come up with new ideas, decoration, facilities for a wide range of users.  Their designs are for Daikanyama Teens building in Tokyo and for the spudWORKS building in Sway, New Forest.   In order to do this they have created plans, mood boards and scale models.  From their final ideas they have then written 'love letters' to their counterparts in UK and Japan to explain their ideas and share their plans.  Now the students have received each others plans they have to build scale models of each others centres.  The students are chatting to each other to explain their ideas and get to know each other using the Slack messaging platform.

Students will complete scale models of each others buildings and the UK students will be sending their models and designs out to Tokyo for an exhibition in March 2022.  Students from the UK will also be travelling out to meet with their Japanese counterparts and the staff team at Daikanyama Teens later this year.  This will be an incredible opportunity to experience Japanese culture and spend time with the young people in Japan.


This project has been made possible with the kind support of the Daiwa Foundation and the GB Sasakawa Foundation.


Exhibition Photos

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