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The New Forest National Park Artist in Residence

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Alex Julyan - Residency and Exhibition

About the artist

My work is sometimes difficult to categorise. It isn’t made from one material and doesn’t conform to traditional artistic categories. Put simply, I don’t have one way of going about things.  


My own curiosity and history, the environments I work in, and the people and materials I encounter determine what each work will be. Playfulness and absurdity lie just beneath the surface of my work, by highlighting the ridiculous I simply illuminate what’s already all around us. I invite people to pause and reflect on their relationship to the world they inhabit and shape opportunities for them to realise their own creative impulses. I see art as part of society and life not separate from it.


Creating moments of surprise and intrigue in the New Forest will be my focus for this residency. I’ll be guided by experts in finding locations for the project, which will be shaped by the knowledge and skills of those I meet along the way. During your visit to the forest you might encounter a structure, a performance, an activity or a character. Or maybe something neither of us have yet envisaged. How will our interactions with nature be in this moment and what kinds of new connections will be made?  

Alex will be working with and supporting artist Ben Adamson in a mentoring role during her residency.  To find out more about Ben go to: Ben Adamson

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