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The New Forest National Park Artist in Residence

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Ben Adamson - Mentee with lead artist Alex Julyan

About the artist

Hi I'm Ben and I am a multimedia and sound artist based in Leeds, UK, focussing on the composition of soundscapes using the musical capabilities of unconventional and non-musical objects, with the intention to develop a relationship between sculptural work and soundscape design. During the last two years of my development as an experimental composer I have moved more towards sound art and the relationship and development of both visual art and sound design. My practice currently revolves around the intersection of playfulness and communication and involves probing the boundaries between objects, sculpture, and instruments to investigate how materiality affects our perception of the sonic qualities of objects.


My hopes for my mentorship under Alex Julyan is to learn more about installation and project development and hopefully contribute field recording and sound design to the project.

Ben will be working with and supported by lead artist Alex Julyan as a mentee.  To find out more about Alex and her residency go to: Alex Julyan

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