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Svieia and Swaeth,
Tracks and Streams

A dynamic and collaborative series of exhibitions and events by SPUD Artist Collective

Public Event every Friday 5-8pm all welcome

(No public event on Friday 10th Feb)

Workshops every Sunday *see below for more details and bookings

Exhibition Opening Times:

Tuesday 10:00 - 16:00 

Wednesday 10:00 - 19:00 

Thursday 10:00 - 16:00 

Friday 10:00 - 16:00 

Saturday 10:00 - 14:00 

Sunday (open for workshops)


1 - 5 Feb

An exhibition showcasing the work of Art Angels workshop participants

Drop in taster session on Sunday 5th Feb

This is fast becoming an exciting tradition for us at SPUD collective. Wings is an exhibition of artists and craftspeople who have worked with the Art Angels over the past year. You will see an extraordinary range of work that highlights the individuality of each of our participants. From jewellery to ceramics, print, paintings, sculptures, felting and weaving. This is the tip of an iceberg from all the workshops and creative encounters that Art Angels have initiated.

There is a taster session planned for the Sunday 5th February so please drop in and discover a new passion. Open to all. 

Art Angels will be holding taster sessions in pottery, felting, jewellery, painting and weaving. Come and join us.

Sunday from 10-4pm.


Selfish Days

7 - 12 Feb

Spud Collective Selfish Days 2023

Maddison Collymore

I'll be in the gallery sculpting, casting shadows and creating playful drawings in time for the show TREACLE!


Claudia Davies

An exercise that calls to us from the book, the artist’s way, whether that be journaling or morning pages, then sharing and discussing the process.


Gabriela Cohen

Polaroids, family portraits, listening party @GabrielaCohen

Bridget Eastman

Spinning words and paper and more


Robbie Steen

Exploration into the local natural foraged materials including treacle, willow, gravel to create a meandering stream, and to find ways of displaying maps, poems and text within the space. Collaboration with Bridget spinning maps and words.


Anya Bliss

Taking a break playing video games. Inspiration from rest.
I’m a multidisciplinary artist working with themes such as magic, identity, and ecology. Currently my practice is focussed on collaborative working.


Tom Hall

Please come and join me on my selfish day and discuss shadows, adoption, light, disco and hybrids. I will be working on a sculpture for an exhibition later at SPUD called Drawing in the Shadows.


Stephanie James

On my selfish day I'm going to experiment with brass wire. I aim to create a large form from twisting the wire together to hang in the exhibition; Drawing in the Shadows. It will combine drawing with volume. Anyone is welcome to visit during this experimental phase.


Isil Campanella

Porcelain is less forgiving than three main types of clay. I will challenge myself to create more intricate details and push the limits of my skill.


Christian Murphy

Christian is an architectural designer and artist. In this collection of work we explore a locally quarried limestone in Dorset known as "Purbeck Stone". The stone research creates a foundation for a jumping off point, to explore space, architecture, construction, and philosophy within the context of deep time.


Bob Parks

...Work with Anya Bliss to try to draw out the spiritual identity of Psychosis. I want to work co-operatively with the group (Anya, Timothy, Robbie, and Emmanuel) at the group session to know what to do with it. In preparation for The Spirituality of Psychosis, Walking Art and Place exhibition. My selfish activity to fall back on will be soaking myself in my Art Catalogues and whatever else my fancy takes.

Vanessa Collingridge

My work frequently begins with personal memories or experiences, which are often linked to my family and often evoked by objects, photographs or conversations. I am particularly interested in the concept of object agency and how this has affected my relationship with the personal objects that I work with. The day will explore my relationship with objects, materials, time and process through drawing, print and sculpture.


Jane Corner

My selfish day will be governed by my thoughts & feelings on the day. I want to unburden & clear my mind & explore the possibilities in drawing & painting. My mind has been searching for my reasons of Why I am drawn to certain objects, places, shapes, colour & pattern.


A Library Experience

14 - 18 Feb

Come and meet ‘The Librarian’. 

A Library Experience is an anarchic view of books and libraries including installation, a daily performance from The Librarian (artist and ex-librarian Bridget Eastman) and work by invited artist Carrie Mason.

Performances daily between 2:30pm – 3:30 

on Tuesday 14th February, Wednesday 15th February, Thursday 16th February

And Open Event : Friday 17th February performances between 5:40 – 6:00 and 7:00 – 7:20


21 - 25 Feb

Treacle is a show inspired by the natural clay bed found in The Forest known locally as Sway Treacle, deposited along the Avon Waters. Artists Isil Campanella, Gabriela Cohen, Maddison Collymore and Robbie Steen will be taking on this sticky material, its topography and its history through walks, workshops and exhibition. You can expect investigation, tracks, reflection, clay worlds and endless shadows.  

Events include:

Foraging Walk | Sunday 19th March 2-3pm

Take a walk along the hidden and ancient Treacle Way with poetry readings by tour guide Robbie Steen. All ages welcome. Meet at spudWORKS, Station Road, Sway SO41 

Gather Sway Treacle clay and forage decorative materials for the optional creative workshop on Sunday 19th. 

Creative Workshop | Sunday 19th March 3-6pm

Sculpting with gathered clay and foraged materials to build Treacle Village. In this creative workshop we will create miniature model homes where you can learn about different clay types, experiment with light projection to create shadow displays and apply a range of drawing techniques guided by artist Maddy Collymore. The large-scale, collaborative artworks will be on show till Feb 24th as part of TREACLE.

To book, follow this link:

Ages 10+

River Walk | Thursday 23rd 2pm | Take a walk along Avon Water, the main artery of the village. Through hidden footpaths and along her banks discover wildlife, habitats and inspiration. A looping comfortable 2 hour walk starting and returning to Spudworks. Please wear waterproof shoes or wellies. Meet at spudWORKS, Station Road, Sway SO41 

Contact : T: 07450974793


25 & 26 Feb

A series of looks exploring the relationship between knitwear and that which emerges from water 


Inspired by streams and tracks in sway, what shapes, materials and structures can adorn the body, furthermore how can the bodies move within a space shaped by the celebratory element 


Saturday evening show 6pm see website for details 


Sunday 10am and 4pm Water Element Inspired Yoga Workshop : come and join some super gentle and simple movements in the gallery on Sunday an opening morning session (10am) to open the space and a closing afternoon session (4pm) filled with stretches and positions inspired by a watery feeling you can expect a short visualisation, stretches, and a meditation to finish